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Hotel Río Amazonas welcomes palates with La Canoa, Cafetería Del Río and El Puerto Bar, each offering unique flavors and memorable experiences in a single destination.


La Canoa Restaurant is a showcase of the rich Ecuadorian culinary heritage in the heart of Quito. With a menu that captures the essence of local flavors, each dish is an invitation to explore traditional and contemporary delicacies prepared by expert hands. Discover a cozy atmosphere where each meal is an experience and each visit becomes a memory.


Cafetería Del Río, located in the vibrant Hotel Río Amazonas, is the perfect meeting point for those looking to enjoy a morning coffee or an afternoon tea accompanied by fine pastries. With a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, it offers a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, being the ideal place to enjoy sweet and savory bites at any time of the day.

The Puerto Bar, with its intimate and cozy atmosphere, is the corner of the Hotel Río Amazonas where guests can relax and enjoy a select variety of craft drinks and cocktails. Here, the nights are lived in style, between toasts and conversations, making each visit a special occasion.


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