Hotel Rio Amazonas Quito Ecuador



National Museum

Displayed chronologically, from as far back as 11 000b.c. artefacts and artwork tell the stories of the ancient civilisations of these lands, long before Ecuador ever existed. Known as the Banco Central Museum it is, quite simply a treasure trove.

The Archaeological Gallery tells the tale in the evolution of furniture, tools and Ancient plates.

The Golden Gallery traces the use of gold from ancient cultures (in masks and figurines) through the Incan invasion, the Spanish Invasion and up to the present day.

The Colonial Gallery is a collection of art between 1534 and 1820, rumoured to contain a subtle favouritism towards 3 themes: The Sun, Women and brutality.

The Republican Art Gallery celebrates the revolution that led to the formation of the (relatively young) current nation of Ecuador.

The Contemporary Art Gallery ends the displays, but continues the story.

Each display is carefully marked with Spanish and English explanations.

English, Portuguese and French speaking guides are available (pre-book).

There is a cafeteria on site for snack breaks and refreshments.