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Mindalae Museum

The Mindalae Craft Museum celebrates the immense cultural and ethnic diversity of the many nations within Ecuador. The Museum is managed by the Sinchi Sacha Foundation, an organisation that supports indigenous cultures, fair trade, craft training and responsible tourism.

The name of the museum comes from Mindala, the pre-colonial traders who worked between the different markets in the country.

This modern building has been designed to celebrate the Sun worshipping traditions of many Andean ancient cultures. The “eye of the sun” opening shines a column of light throughout all five floors of the museum on the summer and winter solstices (June 21st and December 21st), and the equinoxes (March 20th and September 22nd.)

The museum showcases the clothes of the indigenous nations, their manufacturing techniques, ceramics, pots, models of animals and mythical characters from indigenous legends, baskets, jewellery, hammocks and Shamanic artefacts.

At the entrance, you can see a large rock that was hurled out of the Pichincha volcano during one of its explosions. Inside, the museum is divided into different sections, one for each floor.

  • The solar calendar
  • A temporary exhibition space
  • Tree-plants and forest ecosystems
  • Textiles and ceramics
  • The Worldvie