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Craft Market La Mariscal


Just around the corner from the hotel, this “indoor” market is jam packed with stalls selling clothes, jewellery, crafts and textiles. It’s located on Jorge Washington between Reina Victoria and Juan León Mera. It’s open 7 days a week,...

El Patio Comedy Theatre


El Patio Comedy Theatre, established in 1980, is both a performance space and a theatre company. This publically funded theatre seats 100 people and host in-house and repertory performances. Since 1980. the "Patio” has hosted National and...

La Mariscal


The hotel is found in “La Mariscal” the fashionable, modern district of Quito. also known as “The Zone” or “Gringolandia.” This district has a very cosmopolitan, contemporary feel. It´s the centre of Quito´s nightlife where locals and...

Mindalae Museum


The Mindalae Craft Museum celebrates the immense cultural and ethnic diversity of the many nations within Ecuador. The Museum is managed by the Sinchi Sacha Foundation, an organisation that supports indigenous cultures, fair trade, craft training...

National Museum


Displayed chronologically, from as far back as 11 000b.c. artefacts and artwork tell the stories of the ancient civilisations of these lands, long before Ecuador ever existed. Known as the Banco Central Museum it is, quite simply a treasure trove....

“El Ejido” Park & Craft Market


“El Ejido” Park, Quito´s popular central park, is a delightfully peaceful place to amble, walk or sit in the sun (or shade.) There are children´s play facilities, snacks, volleyball matches, and, of course, the “Arch of Triumph”. The Park...